Wander Bar - Snacks and Drinks


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Wander Bar - Snacks and Drinks

Cheers! Join us at our bar for an unforgettable travel experience.
Our cozy bar in Kushiro provides the perfect setting to share travel stories while enjoying a refreshing drink.

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Our range of beverages includes craft beer, local sake, whiskey, cocktails, and much more. We do not charge any table fees! The options are endless.

Bar Information

Sakaemachi 2-3-3,Kushiro city,Hokkaido


Opening hour : Sun ~ Thu / 18:00~23:00

・No table fees

・Free Wifi

・Credit Card Available

Please contact us via Instagram for more information and to make a reservation.

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Popular tourist spots in Kushiro

Kushiro is a treasure trove of nature and delicious food

Nusamaibashi Bridge

Witness the striking beauty of the Nusamaibashi Bridge, a captivating landmark situated over the Kushiro River. Distinguished by four statues, each representing a different season, this architectural gem is recognized among the 100 Fine Bridges of Japan. Completed in 1976, it continues to allure visitors year-round, particularly those pursuing a breathtaking sunset view.

Kushiro Wetland

Immerse yourself in the stunning natural splendor of Kushiro Wetland, Japan's largest wetland. The area is home to many rare plants and animals and offers magnificent views of nature from its observation deck, boardwalk, and sightseeing train. You will be overwhelmed by the best natural scenery in Hokkaido!

Washo Market

Step back in time to the Washo Market, established in 1954. As one of the most significant markets in the region, it houses nearly 50 shops offering an abundance of fresh seafood, salted and dried delicacies, fresh produce, and quality meats. Don't miss the market's signature offering, the "Katte-don,"—a customizable seafood bowl offering a feast for the senses.

Tancho Crane Nature Park

Discover the grace of the red-crowned cranes, known as Tancho, at Tancho Crane Nature Park. This is a nature park for red-crowned cranes, which were the first in the world to be artificially hatched in 1970. About 10 red-crowned cranes, a special natural treasure, are always kept in a near-natural environment and can be observed at any time of the year.

Lake Akan

Revel in the serene beauty of Lake Akan, a popular destination known for its ever-changing seasonal allure. Created by volcanic eruptions, this picturesque lake also hosts the "Marimo," a nationally recognized natural monument, adding to its distinctive appeal.

Ainu Kotan

Delve into the rich heritage of the Ainu culture at Ainu Kotan, a village nestled by Lake Akan. Here, visitors can explore the indigenous Ainu people's history, beliefs, dances, and unique artistry. Watching vibrant Ainu dances and participating in original wood carvings offers a deeply immersive cultural experience.


Kushiro is a world-class adventure field


Discover an adventurer's paradise on the sacred Kushiro River, a premier destination for canoeing enthusiasts. Embark on an exciting journey, paddling downstream amidst stunning natural landscapes and catching glimpses of exotic birds such as Tancho Cranes, Steller's Sea Eagles, and White-tailed Eagles.

Nature Guides

Unleash the explorer in you in this unspoiled paradise teeming with natural wonders. Get up close and personal with rare wildlife through our nature guide tours. Led by expert guides, delve into the marvels of the Wetlands and embark on an unforgettable adventure.


Boasting a cool climate, this area is a perfect summer retreat for cycling enthusiasts. Affordable bike rentals offer an opportunity to absorb the breathtaking beauty of nature at your own pace. During the winter, visitors can enjoy a unique and distinct beauty different from summer cycling experiences by going on tours with fat bikes.

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